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Anansi Introduction

Posted on 2006.05.04 at 16:50
Current Mood: calmcalm
I am finding it difficult to decide whether to use this journal in a cathartic manner, and complain about my little quibbles, or to use it as an outlet for one liners and fantastic semitic humor. I flipped a coin, but it landed on its edge, so I suppose I shall use it for both.

Today is our supposed 24 hour reading period before finals, yet I have my first final tonight. Someone screwed up on that one. It is not so bad however, readers, fear not, for soon I shall be back amongst the welcoming sounds of Chicago to enjoy a summer of working like I have never worked before (hopefully not in a warehouse, then I would be a liar).

Recently I was given the opportunity to borrow a copy of Lord of War, starring Nicholas Cage, and was pleasantly suprised to find a movie filled with substance 'and' explosions. Detailing the life of an Eastern Slavic in America whose family pretended to be Jewish, the movie follows the rise and fall of an international arms dealer. This movie kept my attention more than most, and as such I would set it to a highly recommended status, which while not 'excellent', is about as high as I will ever rate a movie.

Not much of a ramble, and not really an introduction to me, my hobbies, feelings, thoughts, or things that I will run away from regardless of my state of dress, but not bad either.

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