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July 23rd, 2006

Recent events.

Posted on 2006.07.23 at 20:54
Current Mood: pleasedFuck Yeah!
Life has chosen this week to suddenly become interesting. This week coming up, that is.

I enjoyed a tastefully reserved afternoon at the immense Ikea store outside of Chicago, today. I sampled Swedish meatballs, saw more chairs than I ever thought possible, and enjoyed the sensation of gliding down the aisles of boxes on a rolling cart, foot extended behind me like an ice sculpture of an angel.

Stuffed with meatballs, I returned triumphantly to my building of residence with two boxes containing the chair and ottoman that I am enjoying right now. It took a few minutes to assemble, and after falling asleep in it for a few minutes I awoke and ascended to the penthouse floor whereupon I spent a very enjoyable hour in the gym.

The point, ladies and gentleman, is that I am quite aerodynamic upon a Swedish push cart. I could have stayed on that thing for hours, and will attempt to when I go back to Ikea next weekend.

Disneyland? Screw that, just take them to Ikea.

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