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Recent events.

Posted on 2006.07.23 at 20:54
Current Mood: pleasedFuck Yeah!
Life has chosen this week to suddenly become interesting. This week coming up, that is.

I enjoyed a tastefully reserved afternoon at the immense Ikea store outside of Chicago, today. I sampled Swedish meatballs, saw more chairs than I ever thought possible, and enjoyed the sensation of gliding down the aisles of boxes on a rolling cart, foot extended behind me like an ice sculpture of an angel.

Stuffed with meatballs, I returned triumphantly to my building of residence with two boxes containing the chair and ottoman that I am enjoying right now. It took a few minutes to assemble, and after falling asleep in it for a few minutes I awoke and ascended to the penthouse floor whereupon I spent a very enjoyable hour in the gym.

The point, ladies and gentleman, is that I am quite aerodynamic upon a Swedish push cart. I could have stayed on that thing for hours, and will attempt to when I go back to Ikea next weekend.

Disneyland? Screw that, just take them to Ikea.

Mama told me there would be days like this

Posted on 2006.06.05 at 18:32
Current Location: Sweet Home Chicagoan Apartment
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Matisyahu- Time of Your Song
Since the 1st of June to today I have been working for a local self owned laundry service that provides laundering services to several local apartment buildings. I was hired to compile a computer database of customers, their personal information, and their preferences for starch, hangers or folded, ect. Normally employment and its delicious monetary ends is something which I enjoy, however having pulled four 15 hour days in a row even the compensation seems to lose its delights to me.

The first day started of quietly enough, data entry and classical music. After the first day everything went to hell. The woman who owns this business hired nobody else to help her move two full levels of her office to the new address, nor did she hire a copying business to take care of the (close to) 2000 copies needed to get out the information on her businesses move. The result of this was that I suggested we frequent Kinko’s to get these packets copied, collated, and stapled. She agreed, until it was made known that it would cost $73.00 dollars for all of it. Now, I know some of you may be wondering how all of this turned out, it turns out she called the poor lady working at the copy shop and yelled her out until the order was cancelled. I then made my way down to Kinko’s to buy paper and ink cartridge; the people at Kinko’s first glared at and then sympathized with me. The order had already been finished by the time she had called 30 minutes after I had left the store. It is to my still lingering irritation that I was up until 12:30 in the office printing, collating, and stapling them myself, knowing full well that there were another 2000 wonderful copies no doubt rotting in the days garbage at Kinko’s, much like my spirits were.

In entertainment news X-men 3: The Last Stand fell short of my hopes 'and' expectations. The movie was visually stunning and left one with a deep sense of contentment having left the theatre. This contentment however is sadly only known to those of you who have two categories for great movies, the profound ones, and then those movies in which "Shit is blown up". X-men was a stunning exercise in the detonation of fecal material. The acting at times seemed forced, and the dialogue (With the exception of Mr. "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch." Juggernaut, who was fantastic." was cheesy. Don't get me wrong, the movie was definitely viewable, and I would probably see it again in the theatres for the experience of the special effects on such a large screen, but Mr. Holland's Opus it was not.

I have been accepted to StoneHill College in Massachusetts, a good school with a great philosophy program (Almost typed pogrom there, yikes) and according to my friend of a friend source of information, very nice housing. I am still waiting on American University and George Mason to get back to me, though right now I am already waving the blue and white flag of the StoneHill whatever 'our' mascot is.

I have also started reading Alan M. Dershowitz's "The Genesis of Justice" while I was holding down the fort in the cleaners today (Yes, I am also doing her job as well at times). I would highly recommend it regardless of your religious background.


Posted on 2006.05.14 at 23:10
Current Mood: draineddrained
Finals have ended and a few of them proved to be less than easy, for which I no longer believe they shall be invited to tea. Philosophy of Science and Nature while wonderfully interested in my own opinions on the nature of the human soul, more specifically when it becomes uniquely human, it did not see fit to warn me that it would be open book. As such I was forced to go through from memory alone, which was bad. Thankfully I remembered most of the years readings, including page numbers for quotation, which was good.

Several days since my finals have passed, however, and I am back home. Well, it is not quite home yet, but it is getting there. Sweet residence Chicago. The job market here is not as bad as Central New York, and I just may find some mullah for the Mikey, which similar to my moment of memory, is also good.


Posted on 2006.05.04 at 20:02
The UN Security Council is discussing a resolution introduced by Western countries calling on Iran to suspend enrichment or face further action.

Is there even a horse left to beat?

Anansi Introduction

Posted on 2006.05.04 at 16:50
Current Mood: calmcalm
I am finding it difficult to decide whether to use this journal in a cathartic manner, and complain about my little quibbles, or to use it as an outlet for one liners and fantastic semitic humor. I flipped a coin, but it landed on its edge, so I suppose I shall use it for both.

Today is our supposed 24 hour reading period before finals, yet I have my first final tonight. Someone screwed up on that one. It is not so bad however, readers, fear not, for soon I shall be back amongst the welcoming sounds of Chicago to enjoy a summer of working like I have never worked before (hopefully not in a warehouse, then I would be a liar).

Recently I was given the opportunity to borrow a copy of Lord of War, starring Nicholas Cage, and was pleasantly suprised to find a movie filled with substance 'and' explosions. Detailing the life of an Eastern Slavic in America whose family pretended to be Jewish, the movie follows the rise and fall of an international arms dealer. This movie kept my attention more than most, and as such I would set it to a highly recommended status, which while not 'excellent', is about as high as I will ever rate a movie.

Not much of a ramble, and not really an introduction to me, my hobbies, feelings, thoughts, or things that I will run away from regardless of my state of dress, but not bad either.